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If you like reading rants, well you're in the right place 8D

because what I'm going to rant about involves you

yes you

now their may be a light number of you whom it may not apply it

But, what I'm ranting about, is human beings

I mean

How fucking stupid can we get.

Second chances, they don't matter, people never change.

Let's skip the clock back, shall we?

To when

A woman couldn't vote

A black man couldn't play football

A couple couldn't get have interracial marriages

What is it about humans,


we constantly seem to have to find the need to pick something that makes someone different from us and shun them away for it?

I'm sorry- but if you're against gays, you fit into that same sector as 'racist' and 'sexist' because let's face it. It's the same fucking problem.

I'm almost afraid to think of what we're going to hate next, now we're hating love because the couple can't biologically reproduce more offspring into our over-populating world, what will it be in a a few decades time? Hair colour?

Holy Jaysus! You have black hair! She is the spawn of Satan!

Oh no! The souless Gingers have returned!

You're a dumb blond you have no mind to be here

Pfft- don't make me laugh, a boring brunette can't do anytthing fun


Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Now, I am all prepared to argue,

Let's face it

I could argue for a living

And I know, some of you are die-hard Christians

I personally, was brought up a Christian too

But, you know why we're called Christians?

Because we follow the teachings and a belief of a man named Jesus Christ

And you know what he taught? Be he real or not, he taught that everyone was equal, to love everyone and treat everyone with kindness. And this is the kicker, you know what else he did? He didn't shun away the sick, or the poor, or the old. This is the times when the only way to have a say was to be a rich Jewish man, well he didn't care about that. He saw us for what we really are: a whole species. Not nitpicking at the subtle differences, because it doesn't change anything, we are human. That is the big kicker, humans have rights. Not Ideas.

And, yes I know, I know.

But Loki, you forgot, there's a paragraph in the Bible which states that man should not lay with man like he does woman


You're forgetting

That the Bible, the Old Testament to be precise, was written millennia ago. And. It was written by humans, and as stated above, humans make mistakes. It's in our nature, and we learn from it, hopefully.

Who was to say this man was even a real prophet?

I mean, there's also a paragraph, saying as long as you're a Christian, then slavery is A-Ok

So, if you think Homosexuality is wrong, then you also think Slavery is right? You know, going by the Bible?

Now, I get it, it's a lot to think about, to change your view overnight

But just think about this.

God gave us the most wonderful gift of all: Free Will.

It's a beautiful thing, that, we choose our own destiny, and make our own choices.

And yes, we can make the wrong choices.

And, personally, next to Free Will, I believe Love is another great gift

Whether you have faith or not, those are two beautiful things we possess, yes?

Well, to any Christian whom believes 'God hates fags'

Do you honestly, in your heart and soul

believe that God would just suddenly take away our Free Will when we finally found someone we can Love, be them a man or a woman.

I've talked about religion, of course, many people don't have a faith, which is fine. I'm not here to shove Bibles down your throats...I'm not even sure I own a Bible but still.

It's shown that animals form same sex pair bondings

It's been shown that your sexual preference is found in your DNA, it's not a choice.

You think Gay Marriage will ruin the institute of marriage?


I mean, two people generally want to marry for love, are you saying this is worse than people getting drunk in Vegas and marrying? It's worse than people just marrying for a Green Card? It's worse than people marrying for 30 seconds, like celebrities?


Just stop.

Two people who live in a different town, a different road, a different country, let's face it. Their marriage isn't going to affect yours. They'll be living their life living fabulously - /shot and you'll be living yours, to whatever manner you want it to be. But do you really want the happiness of your life to be, to ruin someone else's' marriage?

They're going to have their rites eventually, sooner rather than later

You think they're just going to disappear? No, they'll win. Just like Blacks and Women, Gays will get their rites, it may take time, but it'll happen.

And, when it happens, you can either evolve with the rest of the world, or sit alone with only your hatred for company. It's harsh, but it's reality.

If God does exist, I'm afraid he may be ashamed at us

To believe that his children are more comfortable in a society where two men hold guns rather than hands.

Wow- Look at that, I wasn't struck down by lightning bolts~

If I missed anything, feel free to add, state your opinion, whichever opinion it is, and I will chat with ya's soon~

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SoronaSulea Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I finally got around to reading this, and I’ll say

I agree with EVERY word of it
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
JakeRulez17 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Some scientists believe we, as a species, have an innate way of judging things based on the way they look, act, and feel. We do this because its built into this survival instinct when we were half-primates that hunted on the African plains. We judged unfamiliar things as being dangerous, therefor allowing us to avoid these things and survive to pass on our genes. 

Today, that fear of the unfamiliar has translated to hatred. Hatred of things we don't think fit into our view of the world. Things that we find to be unnatural, but are just as natural as water or sunlight. 

What people need to understand is that Homosexuality occurs not only in humans, but almost all other mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, insects, crustaceans, arachnids, even some species of parasitic flatworms. 

Yes, there are flatworms that form homosexual pair-bonds. 

The human race as come a long way since those days when we judged people purely based on how they looked or what they practiced. Gay people were thought to have some kind of disease up until the 1950's. Yes, the freaking 50's was when we actually started to look at this stuff and discover that over 1,500 other species (and those are just the ones we know about) that have gay relationships. 

The cause is purely in a chemical structural difference in the brain. It's not something that can, nor does it need to be cured. You're not going to get a gay boy or lesbian girl to go straight from introducing them to someone of the opposite gender. 

It's not a choice of lifestyles, which itself is a pretty stupid argument. Do straight people chose who we fall in love with? Is there anyone you wish you were or weren't attracted to? Do we choose the people who we develop feelings for? Most people can't even properly define love itself, so why do you try and make these arguments?

I have to say that, as a species, we've really screwed up in some areas. We put all this effort into making ourselves look pretty and acting a certain way so society won't judge us, when we're all just scared of being judged. No one wants to be put on the spot for the way they look or feel, but they are anyway. Some are even killed for it. That's sick, horrible, immoral, unjustifiable, prejudiced, hypocritical, selfish, and completely unjustifiable. 

Those are the kind of people that need to be eradicated from society. Not the minorities that all the rabidly psychotic mobs point to when explaining horrible things happening, but the people doing the pointing themselves.

When I say eradicate, I don't mean kill. I mean educate. Educate them in the ways of how this works instead of their shallow black and white view of the world. 

and to all those people in the WBC, who have a biased, idiotic belief that they know what god thinks, I pity every single last one of you. God doesn't hate f*gs, America, Soldiers, or whoever else you think you do a favor by picketing. 

God is ashamed of people like you, who corrupt his words to justify your moral stupidity and prejudiced views on whatever you don't like. 

Jesus taught us to love. That's what he wanted for us all.

I want that too, and I think there are a lot of other people who want that as well, but are too afraid or are unsure on how to approach it. 

The biggest journey begins with one small step. A step to our dreams of a world without prejudice. A world where we're all accepted for who we are.

It's a long road, but I believe we can get there. We just have to work for it.

I'm not be christian, not gay, nor do I even have a clue what I'm really talking about sometimes.

I'm just someone who wants a better world for us all. 
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
JakeRulez17 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
(Cntd.) There are so many people out there who are made to feel like dirt, like they're not a part of any society, that they don't belong anywhere, that they don't even deserve do be alive.

That is more disgusting and inhumanly unnatural than whatever claims people try to make against Homosexuality. 

To those of you who've felt this way or been treated like this at some point in your life, please don't let it get to you. The people who say these things are despicable and close themselves off with hate.

There's so much talent and potential in people like you, but it goes to waste in building up walls because of the horrible things these people say. 

Just remember, there are people out there who care about you. People who love you for who you are. People who have gone through absolute hell and have come out on top. You can too. You can, and you will.

No matter our differences, we're all people. We are all human beings. Nothing can ever change that.

My heart goes out to every one of you. You're all amazing people regardless of your beliefs, goals, preferences, or whatever else.

Don't let what they say get you down.

You have a whole world waiting for you, and you can succeed.

You just need to reach for it.

Take care, all of you. <3
ShadowComando Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
understandable, I am a Christian myself but I am lineant when it comes to Gay Marriage...I myself am Pansexual so you can see why I am leanent lol 
Shay-Tank-Dragon-41 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You couldn't be more 100% right my friend :U the Catholic Church has its problems too,corrupt governments,Asian and African poverty still exist too :p great progress...
SpyroTEQ Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
No problem with gay marriage, but I have an interesting question (that may sound stupid, but whatever): ok, if there's no reason to split people between there gender and assume that man can be with man, woman with woman, and man with woman, then, why do we have man changing room and woman changing room?
Year, this may sound silly right now, but imagine that gay marriage is now ok, we have gay married, and a kid born is that world where we no longer care about whether you're a man/woman or not. Then, the kid is raised & teached that man & woman are equals and they can live together. Now, how the kid would react in from of sexist changing rooms, or in front or restrooms?
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
o u o 
Well, you can get merged changing rooms
It's more a privacy matter than anything
People just don't want to show other people their private parts
which is fair enough
Most changing rooms are just rooms with lockers anyway
It's just one of those things
Like toilets
Because of the anatomical differences you have to make cubicles that suit the person
I'm sorry
But I cannot use a urinal 
That would be hard
and disgusting
drizzlecoal Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Hello, have some paragraphs. </3 ;_; I didn't expect to write this much at first, and greatest apologies if this is offensive to your opinion and views in anyway. If you want me to try and explain anything more, I can do my best. I have quite the jumble of thoughts on this type of thing, so it might be here and there. I make mistakes sometimes.


I guess I should state that I'm Mormon, firstly. But, I'm not going to rely on the aspect of religion in this as it brings up too many disputes.

I myself was brought up with certain views, but I've come to create my own personal opinion as the world is incredibly subjective when it comes to people and different rights.

I don't support homosexuality and I think it is wrong. It's not that I don't support a homosexual as a person, it's that I do not support their sexual preference. Yes, I respect them and their decisions, since they have the agency to do as they please, but in no way do I support them. Now, I'm not one to flame gays and lesbians. I don't stalk the streets with signs in those hateful parades. I don't hope they are skewered by the sharpest spears and I don't hope that they burn in the gates of hell. I'm not one of those people who says that 'God hates fags'. I can have my own opinion without being completely pissed off by everyone who has the polar opposite way of thinking.

Homosexuality just.. doesn't seem right to me, I suppose. I could go off about 'Adam and Eve' not being 'Adam and Evan' or 'Amanda and Eve', but that is too often used and can bring up different controversies and quarrels on evolution and religion in general. Many people are atheistic, and such words do not matter to them at all. So, well, it's a pretty hard subject beyond religious views. I guess I see it as there are two genders for a reason(Yes, there's transgender, but I don't really know much of that, and I don't particularly think it applies to this topic, or at least it does but only in certain ways). To have same gender marriage and sex just... ehh, it doesn't make any sense. Sure, you could argue that it doesn't have to have any logical term of 'sense' as we all have agency and free will, and I know that, but if everybody was suddenly gay by our DNA, as you say, humankind would simply disappear. I just feel that attraction to your same gender isn't.. correct. A male and a female make a child, okay? No, you don't need to have a child as there are barren women and sterile men, but I believe that, however you may think we came to exist on this Earth, females and males were simply meant to be together.

Some people say that "A man and a man or a woman and a woman together make great adoptive parents." Well, sure they might make great adoptive parents, but if the first males and females decided to be homosexual and reject the fact that together they can create, then how would any of us come to exist? If their genes displayed that their sexual preferences were of the same gender, then how would anything come to be? 

Yes, some of these are extreme cases, but do you somewhat see what I mean?

 I'll go on to reason with some of the statements here.

'It's shown that animals form same sex pair bondings.'

Ehh, yes. I've heard of male and female apes who bond by humping each other, or dominate by such. The same with male on male lions. But, you can't exactly relate humans to animals. Animals have instinct in this way, it's not like they are out to be homosexual or anything like that. It's a behavior of bonding, yes, or dominance. I don't believe this bonding is a display of a romantic relationship. Besides, the instinct of animals is often to create the next generation, to breed and keep from extinction. Sure, there's same sex pair bondings, but that's not a gay relationship. One male lion might go hump another to bond and keep a friendship, or to show them who's boss, but he's still going to go off and mate with all the female lions so to continue his generation.

'It's been shown that your sexual preference is found in your DNA, it's not a choice.'

It's not a choice? Ehh. You say we have free will, and I believe we have the agency, the free will given by God, but then you state that our sexual preferences are found within our DNA? How would agency, or free will, even exist, then? You're born gay? You're born a lesbian? You have absolutely no choice what so ever? Frankly, I highly doubt anyone is born to be homosexual, or otherwise 'born that way'. Once again, you say we have free will but then go on to state that we haven't a choice, as scientists have found such preferences in your DNA strands.

If gays earn their rights, people will always have their opinions. We are a subjective, sentient people. A sexual preference versus race or gender. Like the fight for womens' rights or black rights, there's always a feud, though the animosity towards the rights of blacks and women is small compared to homosexuality nowadays. I think it's one of the biggest controversies of our time. It will be for a long time, even if people decide to evolve and tolerate it, as many already have.

Sure, their marriage does not affect mine, but I still have the right to my own beliefs on them as they may have on me.

Ho hum. Did I touch everything? I do hope so.

As there are many things in this article, I will say:

I don't support slavery. It is not right for one person to enslave another because they think they are higher than them.

I am not racist, even if it relates to this problem. I believe all races are equal.

I am not sexist, even if it relates to this problem. I believe both genders are equal.

I do not support homosexuality, but I respect homosexuals as they are people just as you and I.

I'm open for discussion and debate on the topic, but I doubt I'll change my thoughts on the issue. :> Please don't come yowling and howling for an angry quarrel, because that's not what I seek here. Can we have a simple chat without gnawing at each others necks? I've had too many hostile encounters with my friends on the matter.

LeadHeart787 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Here, this is a great video to watch…

There's also a man on Youtube, John Corvino, if you're not convinced by me, it'd be worth it checking him out

Ffff, I was half reading this and playing Animal Crossing >w> oopsie~ I don't think it'll be offensive, I mean, I know my opinion isn't the same as everyone's and I'm not trying to force it. The hardest thing is making sure I try and reply to everything |D But yeah, it was interesting to read, I think I actually used to think the same, which is interesting.

Because, I will lay this out first, my mother raised me to be as neutral as she could, I mean, if I said I didn't want to go to Church, she respected that, but growing up I made my own views. And, in Ireland one of the biggest problems is sectarianism between Protestants and Catholics, because stereotypically the Protestants are Loyalists and Catholics are Nationalists. Obviously, this is stupid, because we can't hold a whole group to one stereotype. But I seriously, in my mind, thought they were wrong, everything about them was wrong, they made a wrong choice. But, then in English we did that book by Harper Lee, To kill a Mockingbird, and looking at it and seeing how others used to treat Blacks, maybe it wasn't the same issue but it did make me look back and think. Could I really blame people for something that happened decades and centuries ago? And I suppose, from then on, I tried to have a clean mind, to not judge. Because I do, and I'm being honest, I remember when I was younger, I was still on the internet so I must've been in double figures, but I came across two men and I couldn't understand for the life of me why they were together. It just confused the hell out of me, you know, like you go on to say: man and woman. But, then I adapted and 'evolved' I don't know, you know what I'm saying? |D I grew up and I understood it, it's the same thing, it's just different. I accepted it, and I suppose it's hard for me to think why they'd be against it, I mean, I grew up, why didn't they? But, yeah, I see your reasons and I get it, and you're not the only one and I'm not going to throw any hate, don't worry xD;;;

Yeah, I wanted to stay clear of the religion thing too, but I knew if I didn't, that's the first thing people would argue about, you know, God and religion.

I don't think it's wrong, it's just a different little aspect. I mean, if it is something that happens in the womb, we have to think, some people are born without a limb, or sight, or difficulties in learning. And, we wouldn't take away their rites. I mean, I get that this isn't the 'perfect' anatomical design of Human Beings, but still, they're still humans in the end. I mean, this isn't something that's going to die out, there will always be homosexuals, and I don't think we can shun them all out to extinction. They'll always be there, and it's kind of sad, that if in decades that they still don't have rites.

Personally, Adam and Eve is, I think, more symbolical of how humans are imperfect and will sin, basically. Because yeah, they don't fit in with evolution. Yeah, no, we won't disappear, the majority of people are straight, but it gets you thinking, maybe this is nature. You know, it's no secret that we are like at 7billion people, I mean, I just woke up, so I'm not in my right mind xD;; But, what if it's almost nature trying to amend for that, it's just a small little thing to tone down numbers, it's not like we're getting or losing wings. But by that, man and female make baby, ok. Right, but some people don't want children, if everyone did stick to the same discussion of you know, just in general, a male and female, right, they want kids, they have kids, maybe they have more. And now, we are driving ourselves to extinction, because we're over populating, maybe not now, but in time, who can honestly say.

To be fair, look at life today, it's a small number in comparison, maybe it didn't exist back then. Because there will always be both, people will always survive, we're like roaches. Do you seriously believe that at any stage everyone will just turn gay? It's not a disease, we're not going to catch it. I'm not going to ring up my school and say: Oh, no, sorry, can't come into school today, turned Queer overnight.

I understand what you're saying, but most likely it won't happen. Let's face it, if everyone did turn gay, you know what they'd do? They'd do what they're actually doing now. They'd make a baby by collecting eggs and collecting sperm and puttin' back in the uterus, baby in the oven. There, people will want kids, and they'll get kids, the same way they're getting them today.

I'm not basing our morals on animal behaviour, people will argue that we don't do it, because animals don't do it. When in fact, they do, it's nature, something that's just there. Um...yeah, no I'd have to disagree with this, you must've heard of the gay penguins in central park? Where a female penguin had, I think, two eggs, so abandoned one, and they took it in. I'm sorry, my mind went to penguins, they're so cute. I suppose, unless we, as in you and I, go out and watch animals, we could argue to the sun goes down whether or not they do.

When I said, we have Free Will, I meant in the choices we make in our lives. We can't choose what family we're born into, we can't choose what hair colour we're born with, or what nationality. Those just give us an image, and the free will, is what we choose to do with the life. I mean, same thing, genetics, we don't stand around as faceless beings choosing how we want to look, we're born with it. Orientation is just another one of those things, you could be born with blue eyes, or green eyes. You could be born straight or gay. And of course, there are more than just those two, just like there is a variety of what else we're born with. Do you get that?

Yes, definitely, people will always disagree. But I'd like to think, we are changing, I mean, even looking back to when a gay man couldn't join the army or have a good life. If it's so small, then why are we all making a big deal out of it? We are changing, present. Because, we are slowly becoming more acceptance, it is happening. But there will be those, who still are reluctant to change their way of thinking, I mean, occasionally you do still hear about a group of racists attacking a man just walking home. I personally think it'll happen sooner than you think, maybe not tomorrow or in a month, but soon.

drizzlecoal Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Student General Artist

The video was a parallel dimension in which it was homosexuals who ruled and heterosexuals who were seen as wrong? Well, eh. Trying to let me see it through their shoes- but eh. There's still a lot difference there. Two genders. Wouldn't make sense for everybody to be homo. Still a lot of argument.

 Anatomical deformities and diseases don't really compare to orientation. There is so much more to orientation. Lacking a limb or a sense is somehow tangible.. palpable.. While orientation is your sexual preference. It's a thought or a statement of the mind. It's the decision of whether you have sex with one gender or the other, or desire not to do so at all.. all by choice. Sure, we're all humans in the end, but.. it's still different. Incorrect. Hard to explain, ah- even against all that John Corvino has said; unnatural. The parts don't fit. You see, Corvino said how we'd find a way.. we'd make a way for them to fit because as human beings we always find a way. And that's just it. I feel we're crossing the boundaries of how we were made to be by finding our own paths beyond what we should be. Of course, we always find our own way. In technology and all that jazz, but this is our bodies; some set apparatus of skin, veins, arteries, organs, blood, bones, muscles, and so much more- all led by a sentient mind.

I never said everyone wanted to have kids. I don't want children, really. |D I don't want to have any of my own. Maybe adoption, but that's off topic. I mentioned there was still sterile men and barren women, not everyone will have offspring. I don't think homosexuality is nature, but a lot below pertains to that type of thing, so. 

As I said, those were extreme cases. I'm certain it won't ever come to such circumstances.

But no, it's not a disease. Of course not. But of course, metaphorically speaking, there could be a disease of influence. One might gain an interest in the many existing 'Gay Pride' parades and wonder of what its all about? Next thing you know, they might step into an interesting crowd and seek the strange pleasure by choice? Just a thought, ah, while this discussion is abound. x'D

Well, of course we don't base our morals on animals. We'd all be pretty primitive if we did. But, er- I don't understand, then. I was merely telling how you can't really base your argument on the fact that animals have same sex bonding since it doesn't completely relate to this debate. It was in your journal so- yeah. 8I

Yeah, I understand what you're saying, but I really don't think you're born homosexual. Everyone is born heterosexual. Saying that you're born gay, or any of the orientations, seems like.. well, an excuse. It's just an excuse to differentiate from the crowd, to rebel, to earn attention, to fight religion, to seek pleasure, to earn pleasure, to try new things.

How many times have you heard that type of reasoning though?

"I was born gay."
"I was born homosexual."
"I was born a lesbian."

I was born this. I was born that.

Is there really any other reason for them to be homosexual?
Not that I've heard of. Just an excuse, just their reason. There really isn't anything to substantiate it. Gay rights isn't like any other. The rights of women was based on gender. The rights of blacks was based on race. The rights of homosexuals is based on orientation. A preference of sexuality.

NutmegFluff Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I just know someone out there just got really pissed because you posted it, but let's face it, you're right and they can go fuck themselves. Because one cannot open their mouths without someone jumping down their throat.

So we might as well say something useful every time our mouths open.


You rock.

Silverfallingstar Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for posting this loki, it pretty much defines my views.

In my opinion you can be of any race, gender, look, sexuality, religion, or whatever, just don't bash or harm others for having a different position.
LeadHeart787 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I knew the words to express my happiness at this journal. It is unbiased, straight to the point and INCREDIBLY impacting.

There is also an incredible video I love, here ya go, it's about this thingy here.
NamirHunting Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Honestly, I think I need to hug you right now. My sister and I have talked about this. We were raised catholic, and we still are. But it infuriates me when people go ranting about how it's unholy and such. They give Christians a bad name. You don't have to agree with homosexuality, just tolerate it. Like, I live in the united states (Where, you know, we've made a point about separating RELIGION from GOVERNMENT. People! Just learn the basic foundations of our government system!), and in my state it isn't legal yet, however one of the counties has begun giving marriage licenses to same sex couples. Then some silly Christians went there with signs saying stuff like, "Stop the war on children!" "Children need a mom AND a dad!"
So you know, they were being ridiculous. I mean, single parents get love from god. And I'm sure children would much rather have two loving fathers or mothers then bouncing around the foster child system. 
And honestly, it almost makes me afraid of saying I'm christian or catholic online because those people give make us seem like moron who blindly follow everything we;re told. God gave us free will for a reason.
You know that when slavery was still a thing in the USA, and probably sometime after that, they would preach in churches that people with dark skin were being punished by god for their wickedness? And now they've been doing the same thing, just saying that you're sinning because of who you love. 

I know my rant/comment was based on the religious aspect, but it bothers me. It always has.
But I don't think I can thank you enough for making this journal.
Yvevi Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oml this whole thing. I've always confused myself between what I believe and what I HAVE to believe as a christian -n- I mean I'm okay with someone liking someone else even if they are of the same gender, and my religion goes against that. ;; It's just that I feel like if I say that my religion goes against it I'll be hated on by everyone who doesn't and so on. That's what's hard for me to explain to my friend who loves guys, because I feel like he's gonna hate me or something </# I don't hate him though I love him as much as any of my friends and I wouldn't like to let go of our friendship. I keep his orientation secret from my dad who thinks he's my boyfriend. ;.; 

Everything you've just said about us is something I can completely agree on.

oh my god the feelings are so messed up 


*stuffs tissues into my nose*
crazyfirewolf Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconoldschoolownedplz: get over het and let me hug you for speaking the truth friend!
MantiisShrimp Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I second :iconmasktheplagues: motion, let me hug you :iconletmehugyouplz:
pIagued Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I hug the fuck out of you for posting this omg
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